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Soaked In Luxury

Soaked In Luxury

Style, that doesn’t go unnoticed. Soaked in Luxury always has an eye on the fastmoving trends


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Soaked in Luxury is a new exciting Danish fashion brand established in 2005. The brand offers young women a unique feeling of luxury and gives the young city woman an on-trend and modern styles that does not go unnoticed. It is the combination between the feminine and the fashionable that makes the Danish brand so attractive. The Soaked in Luxury collections are full of beautiful prints, exciting silhouettes and a fantastic big selection of wardrobe essentials perfect for everyday wear, office wear and party. On Companys webshop, you get easy access to all the best styles from Soaked in Luxury like dresses, shirts, pants, tops, t-shirts and many other tempting styles.

On Companys webshop, we only offer you the best selection from the Soaked in Luxury collections, making it more than easy for you to find just the right style that matches your own wishes and desired look. Sign up for our newsletter and become a member of our exclusive Companys Club to get the latest info in your inbox about Soaked in Luxury and many other exciting Scandinavian and international news on our shop.


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