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The best of the best Supreme Fashion

Supreme Fashion is our high end brands that offer that little something extra. It's creme de la creme, where luxury, fit, quality and style comes together - and where the extra small detail is always thought of, which makes the clothes something very special.

Classic fashion
Gestuz is created for the modern woman and their greatest strength is to create go-to items that make everyday life easier and install the notion that there is no one right way to be a woman and dress - it's about what you choose. Rooted in the effortless lightness of the Scandinavian design heritage, Gestuz is simultaneously rebelling by subtly updating the classics.
Redefine femininity
Inwear pays tribute to the modern, confident and ambitious woman who wants to both look good and leave a positive impression on the people she meets. The brand redefines femininity with their stylish styles that have a great fit and quality that are expressed through a perfection of detail.
Classic design
Part Two is designed for the confident, natural and feminine woman who goes for an effortless but stylish look - and where it is important to look good every day. It's classic design that makes women want to dress in beautiful, casual clothes that reflect a healthy and active lifestyle.
French-inspired clothing
Atelier Rêve is a French-inspired clothing universe that pays homage to and embraces women and their dreams. It's the ambition that one should feel beautiful and unique in the clothes. What is significant about Atelier Rêve's collections is the French style with lots of beautiful details, and a focus on great qualities in bright, feminine colors and prints.