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Great jewelry for a great outfit. That’s a true match. Large earrings and a long necklace, or maybe you’re more into a discrete armband with great details. 

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At Companys, our ambition is to be the perfect go-to shop for a complete wardrobe. Therefore, we also offer you a big selection of accessories and jewelry that will add the perfect last touch to any of your outfits.

Our buyers are always on the lookout for the newest jewelry that matches every season, style or price level. The shop is updated regularly so you always are in tune with the latest trends, colours and new ideas. Find the perfect selection and go explore our selection of jewelry from your laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Companys webshop is open all year round, every hour of the day and offers you free shipping on all orders above 99 Euro – please view our terms and conditions in the menu bar. Your satisfaction is our quest and we hope your experience will be the best. If you are looking for more inspiration, we highly recommend signing up for our inspiring newsletter. For exclusive offers, join our Companys Club.


Companys is a leading multi-brand store with a broad range of some
of the best fashion brands in Scandinavia. With more than 30 stores in
Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland, Companys has
developed into an international fashion concept that is now well known
around the world.

Companys is devoted to fashion. This devotion brings the best of fashion
to our customers. We have never compromised on quality or design, and
with our great assortment of unique, in-demand fashion brands, every
Companys store offers exciting combinations of all the best from the world
of fashion.

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