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Companys webshop gives you easy access to the best selection of shorts from a wide range of fashionable Scandinavian and international brands. We always select the best styles from the collections so you only have to concentrate on getting inspired and shop the perfect pair. Go explore our tempting selection and find inspiration for your wardrobe from brands like Gestuz, InWear, Karen by Simonsen, Part Two, Soaked in Luxury and many other contemporary brands.

Regardless of your own preferred silhouette or style, the Companys webshop offers a modern selection of shorts in many different and interesting qualities, prints and colours. If you are looking for a new stylish pair of shorts that match an elegant outfit, a huge selection timeless items awaits you. If your wardrobe needs some fashionable edge, we offer you great items in leather or other cool qualities that are bound to add that perfect detail to your next outfit.  

Companys is a leading multi-brand store with a broad range of some
of the best fashion brands in Scandinavia. With more than 30 stores in
Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland, Companys has
developed into an international fashion concept that is now well known
around the world.

Companys is devoted to fashion. This devotion brings the best of fashion
to our customers. We have never compromised on quality or design, and
with our great assortment of unique, in-demand fashion brands, every
Companys store offers exciting combinations of all the best from the world
of fashion.

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